Jan 18, 2017

"You guys must plow". The answer is not much changes for us. We do not plow (although it's been tempting some years) We stay busy doing what are good at and what we enjoy doing. We use the winter to complete jobs that we aren't able to perform in the warmer months because of property constraints. Frozen lawns with some snow cover offer added protection from our equipment. We frequently use the frozen lakes to drop trees on. A lot of our clients get limited time at their second homes and certainly don't want to hear our noisy equipment while they are trying to enjoy the relaxation NH offers. For the next couple of weeks we will be improving views for a local colony club on a hillside. We chose this time of year because the snow cover allows us the option to burn the brush instead of hauling it up a steep embankment which is a huge savings to the client. In the end, winter is a great time for tree work and we are happy to have such a great clientele that keeps us busy. Call us to discuss that project you have been thinking about and didn't get to this summer. You might just find that winter tree work is the way to go. .

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